Some Favorite Youtubers

I like to waste time and through that time I find people who I like because of the things they say and show.

I'd like to Talk about some youtubers who entertain me

Brendanielreads Primantiss Cinemasins
One is Brendanielreads,a man reading terrible things. He has a deep voice which is the main reason people like him, I like him personally for it as well plus the stories he reads that drop my intelligence everytime I hear them. He is known for a lot things he reads some of which are funny ,but there are just a lot of his video that shouldn't ever been made. Overall he's pretty cool. The second one is primantiss, I don't know what to say except I just like the Chen & friends videos which are just short,mute, black and white cartoons. I like the sound of a honk and the videos are good to pass the time if you don't care what you're watching. Last one is Cinemasins that is a channel made up of people talking about all the "Sins" or mistakes and I guess plot holes in movies. I like it, it makes fun of a lot movies and they even make fun of songs, food, brands and other stuff.

Thats it.