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The Shawshank Redemption Shaun of the Dead Darkman

The story of Andy Dufresne, a man who was charged with the murder of his wife and another man. He is jailed and must serve a life sentence in a state penitentiary prison where he confronts and must work for crooked guards and a warden. Its been a while since I seen this movie so the summery might not be spot on ,but overall I'd say this movie is well done. A must see.

Shaun of the Dead, The only thing can say to summerize this movie in my opinion is a zombie spoof movie or parody of zombie movies. A comedy and a good movie. It is about Shaun, a 30-something year old man who hasn't accomplished much, lost his girlfriend and lives with his best friend. His life is boring, filled with drinking with his only friend Ed and playing video games. Then the undead start to walk very slowly and it is up to him and Ed to fight the undead and head to the Pub.

Darkman, The story of a man who lost everything; His girlfriend, his laboratory, and life. Peyton Wilder was a scientist who worked on creating synthetic skin for burned skin victims that is before a crime boss known as Durant and his thugs attack his lab and destroy the entire thing leaving Peyton scarred thoughout his body and face. He plans to take revenge against them as The Darkman. Overall not a bad movie.